10 Ways Improv Could Help Heal Trauma

Disclaimer: This post has been inspired by the work of qualified trauma expert Bessel Van Der Kolk, author of The Body Keeps The Score. The writer of this blog post is not a qualified psychologist, psychotherapist, or trauma-informed professional. They have lived. And they have improvised. A number of years ago, I attended a weekend…

New Year, Same You, Different Improv

Last night I went to an improv show and was asked to write down a suggestion of a New Year’s resolution. I racked my brains. After ten minutes of sitting painfully trying to think of something, a question occurred to me: are New Year’s Resolutions supposed to be fun? I wrote down: to wear more…

Perfectionism V.S. Perfectly Imperfect Improv

Agh my mind, my mind! Why is it replaying that cringy moment when I almost fell off the stage? Why is it remembering that stupid thing I said about wrists? Why is it ruminating on when I couldn’t think of the word weasel? Why is it torturing me? Several months ago, I was in a…


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