Bring a Brick

In an improv exercise last week, I talked for a minute about Lego Masters. It wasn’t long enough! I hadn’t mentioned technic bricks. Nor had I referred to unique-parts-usage? And I was only part way through fumbling an explanation of SNOT when the timer rudely interrupted me. Studs Not On Top, in case you wereContinue reading “Bring a Brick”

Getting Lost

Have you been feeling weird recently? Like the world doesn’t seem to fit anymore? Is it you? Is it the world? And what is up with everyone else? I’ve been looking around at the chaos, confusion, conflict and sporadic commitment and wondering: are our hearts really in this anymore? In what? In anything? Or isContinue reading “Getting Lost”


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Meet the Editor

I’m Lela, founder and editor of Spontaneous Tortoise. I’m a performer and author. I enjoy exploring my relationship with improvised performance, creativity and the life lessons learned through practicing art.

I hope you enjoy discovering the content here and take the opportunity to share. We love hearing about your own experiences on the improv journey.


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