Spontaneous Tortoise was founded in 2021 when Lela Stepgood (Tredwell) began writing about her experiences in practicing the art of improvisation, wondering whether it might speak to fellow improvisers. She was overwhelmed with the feedback she received. Today Spontaneous Tortoise continues to connect with readers by combining a signature vunerability with its honest take on the challenges and opportunities involved in practising improvisation. Its mission is to explore improv practices through focusing on everyday improvisers, to share musings on the art form and to delve deeper into some of the finer points of improvisation, storytelling and performance. 

We hope you enjoy exploring the site, read something interesting and join us in the improv journey. Feel free to reach out if you would like to collaborate on a project together. We welcome guest authors to Spontaneous Tortoise so if you have an idea or an area of improvisation you would like to explore further, let us know.

Let’s build something together.

Image credit: Isabella Crawley

Through spontaneity we are re-formed into ourselves.

Viola Spolin

We practice improvisation not only to “express ourselves” but to connect with others in a more immediate way.

Patricia Ryan Madson

There is power in looking silly and not caring that you do.

Amy Poehler